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May. 15th, 2010

why yes I am awesome

Mostly Harmless: Profile


Name: Enzel
Are you over 16?: yes
Personal LJ: sakurabatou
Email: squeenixxnamco@gmail.com
Timezone: EST
Other contact: AIM: terrainpyjamas
Characters already in the game: Raven (cyaninstant)
How did you find us?: a post on dear_mun


Character name: Maximum Ride
Fandom: Maximum Ride novels by James Patterson
Timeline: Post-book 3
Age: 14

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Apr. 11th, 2010


Mostly Harmless: Relationships

: blacklisted.
: [default] Don't know, don't care.
: Well, maybe you're okay.
: Haven't tried to kill me yet.
: Got your back.
: We're family.
: ......

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Mar. 22nd, 2010

why yes I am awesome

Mostly Harmless: Permissions Post

What species is your character? Human with 2% bird DNA. I.E. wings, enhanced vision, etc.

Would other characters be able to sense your character's species? She hides her wings around people she doesn't trust (keeps them folded under her jacket) but people with supernatural powers can feel free to sense away~ There's nothing magical about it, though, it's all science.

Is there anything strange in your character's blood, DNA, etc that other characters might be able to sense? Again, 98% human, 2% bird.

What does your character's soul look like?/What color is your character's soul? Kind of a fierce-looking golden-brown with little wings.

Is it possible to read anything from your character's soul? She's a decent person, just doesn't trust easily. But she'll generally put herself in danger for other people without thinking.

Does your character have an ability that others might be able to sense? Uh, if you can sense her muscle density, she's about as strong as two grown men?

Is your character surrounded by something else that might somehow 'stick'? Nothing much. She eats as many chocolate chip cookies as she can get her hands on?

Can your characters thoughts be read? Her inner monologue, so to speak, is very controlled, so unless she's thinking of something in particular, the thoughts that can be read are just the ones pertaining to the situation at hand.

Is it possible to communicate with your character through telepathy? Yes. She's used to it; her surrogate sister reads minds/is telepathic.

Is it possible to see what your character is doing through psychic powers? Yes and yes.

Is it possible to sense your character's location somehow? Yep. Uh, she's angry a lot?

Is it possible to sense your character's emotions? Intentions? Again, she's angry and hostile most of the time. Only a few things will catch her off guard, though she does have a soft spot for other non-humans, or people who've been through a lot in life, and is more likely to let down her guard and open up to them.

Does your character have any mental walls or defenses up? Probably a pretty solid wall. Be prepared to do a lot of digging, it's tighter than a bank safe.

Can your character be mind-controlled? She's extremely strong-willed, so it's doubtful.

How do you feel about 4th wall breaking? Max comes from modern-day Earth, so she's pretty savvy with a lot of pop culture references, TV, etc.

Is there something specific that you don't want anyone to know about your character? Relatively normal people probably won't see her wings unless something happens that would force her to reveal them. So basically, assume she's hiding them unless otherwise specified.

How do you feel about threadjacking? Threadjack away~

What about spamming your posts? Go ahead. XD

How about sudden action threads? Again, go ahead :D

Feb. 10th, 2010

a better feeling, just fine and dandy.

Reverie Lane: Relationships

XXX - ...you're on this girl's hit list.
XX - An enemy. plain and simple.
X - You're gonna have to work real hard if you're even considering redeeming yourself in her eyes.
♥ - A stranger. She'd rather keep her distance.
♥♥ - Still a stranger, but you seem to be a decent person. Then again, looks are deceiving.
♥♥♥ - Someone she doesn't mind being around. Not about to spill her heart out to them either.
♥♥♥♥ - A good friend. You've got her back, she's got yours. That's a pretty impressive place to be.

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Feb. 1st, 2010


Profile: Reverie Lane

Your Name: Enzel
LJ Username: sakurabatou
Email/AIM/Other: squeenixxnamco@gmail.com AIM: terrainpyjamas

Character's Name: Maximum Ride (Max)
Series: Maximum Ride

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Jan. 12th, 2010

erk! uhhh....

how's my driving?

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